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AUTOMAT (1999/2007)
music scenery for two violins and video with field recording

Peter Sabat : film / Marc Sabat : music

Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York

performed live by Ekkehard Windrich and Steffen Tast (violins)
presented as part of the festival "Berlin in Lights" by Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

AUTOMAT is a superimposition of several duos presented simultaneously. The music consists of two violinists performing a composition constructed from specifically tuned intervals, producing a counterpoint of complex tuned dissonances, and well as sharply focussed consonances and combination tones. The video is composed from two superimposed 360 degree panning shots, beginning and ending with a car wash automat near Berlin’s central bus station (ZOB). The moving elements are seen as fleeting, transitory shadows against the doubled urban background. The two monophonic field recordings from the videos are panned hard left and right, producing a faux stereo image after having been respectively “retuned” in pitch by the process of synchronizing the video tracks to each other and to the music.


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